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STAA Staar Surgical PE ratio, current and historical analysis

As of Jun 18, 2024, the Staar Surgical stock's PE ratio is 128.84. This results from the current EPS of $0.32 and stock price of $41.23. The P/E ratio has an increase of 35% from the past four quarters average of 95.3.

STAA PE ratio history

How has STAA's PE ratio performed in the past

The PE ratio of Staar Surgical has averaged 241.84 over the last seven years. The current PE ratio of 128.84 is 47% below the historical average. In the past seven years, STAA's PE ratio was at its highest in the Mar 2018 quarter at 740, when the stock price was $14.8 and the EPS was $0.02. The lowest value was in the Dec 2022 quarter, when it reached 58.48 with a price of $48.54 and an EPS of $0.83.


Staar Surgical PE ratio by year

Maximum annual increase: 467.18% in 2021

Maximum annual decrease: -74.17% in 2021

Year PE ratio Change
2023 70.93 21.29%
2022 58.48 -62.85%
2021 157.41 -74.17%
2021 609.38 467.18%
2020 107.44 -58.76%
2018 260.5 N/A
2017 N/A N/A
2016 N/A N/A
2016 N/A N/A
2015 N/A N/A

STAA average PE ratio chart

What is the average PE ratio of STAA for the past years

The current PE ratio of STAA is lower than the 3, 5 and 10-year averages.

3-year avg
5-year avg
10-year avg
15-year avg

STAA PE vs peers

What is STAA's PE ratio compared to its peers

Compared to its peer stocks NVS and ABT, STAA's PE ratio stands higher. Staar Surgical's current PE ratio of 128.84 is comparable to the average of its peer group, which is 35.64.

Stock name PE ratio Market cap
NVS Novartis AG 14.16 $214.12B
ABT Abbott Laboratories 32.2 $180.9B
ATRI Atrion Corp 42.91 $802.86M
COO Cooper Companies Inc 53.29 $18.25B
STAA Staar Surgical Co 128.84 $2.03B
IRIX Iridex Corp N/A $32.02M

Frequently asked questions

What is Staar Surgical's PE ratio?

The price to earnings ratio for STAA stock is 128.84 as of Jun 18, 2024.

What is the 3-year average PE ratio for Staar Surgical (STAA)?

The 3-year average PE ratio for STAA stock is 131.68.

What is the 5-year average PE ratio for Staar Surgical (STAA)?

The 5-year average PE ratio for STAA stock is 189.75.

What is the highest PE ratio for STAA?

The highest quarterly PE ratio in the last seven years has been 740 and it was in the Mar 2018 quarter.

How does the current PE ratio for STAA compare to its historical average?

STAA's price to earnings ratio is currently 47% below its 7-year historical average.

Why is Staar Surgical's PE ratio so high?

STAA's PE ratio of 128.84 is considered high because the company's stock price is trading at a higher multiple of earnings.

How is STAA's PE ratio calculated (Staar Surgical PE ratio formula)?

The PE ratio is calculated by dividing the most recent price of a stock by its trailing twelve months EPS. As of today (Jun 18, 2024), Staar Surgical's stock price is $41.23. The earnings per share for the trailing twelve months (TTM) ending Mar 2024 is $0.32. Therefore, Staar Surgical's P/E ratio for today is 128.84. PE RATIO(128.84) = STOCK PRICE($41.23) / TTM EPS($0.32)

All PE ratio stats are based on quarterly TTM periods, unless otherwise specified.