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HSTM Healthstream dividend history, payout ratio & dates

Healthstream's last quarterly dividend payment of $0.028 per share was made to shareholders on record before May 3, 2024. The dividend payment stands at $0.11 per share annually, which equates to a dividend yield of 0.39%.

Key dates

  • HSTM last dividend date: May 3, 2024
  • HSTM next dividend date: Not announced
HSTM dividend stats
Dividend yield
Payout ratio
vs. Healthcare sector
Dividend yield
Payout ratio

Dividend yield

What is Healthstream current dividend yield

Healthstream's dividend yield of 0.39% is lower than the Healthcare sector average. If we compare it with the Healthcare sector average of 1.85%, Healthstream's dividend yield is 79% lower.

Dividend history

What is HSTM dividend payout history and dates

According to our records HSTM has issued five quarterly dividends in the last twelve months.

Recent dividends

Ex-date Payment date Declared on Amount Type
May 3, 2024 May 17, 2024 Apr 22, 2024 $0.028 normal
Mar 8, 2024 Mar 22, 2024 Feb 19, 2024 $0.028 normal
Dec 8, 2023 Dec 22, 2023 Oct 23, 2023 $0.025 normal
Sep 15, 2023 Sep 29, 2023 Jul 24, 2023 $0.025 normal
Jun 9, 2023 Jun 23, 2023 Apr 24, 2023 $0.025 normal
Apr 14, 2023 Apr 28, 2023 Feb 20, 2023 $0.025 normal
Mar 5, 2018 Apr 3, 2018 Feb 12, 2018 $1 normal

Healthstream dividend payout ratio

What is Healthstream dividend payout ratio compared to the sector

Payout ratio

Healthstream's payout ratio of 18.3% is below the Healthcare sector average. In comparison with its Healthcare sector average of 33.8%, Healthstream's payout ratio is 46% lower.

Total amount of dividends paid per financial year (from cash flow)

Frequently asked questions

Does Healthstream pay a dividend?

Healthstream has paid five dividends in the last 12 months.

When is Healthstream's next dividend?

HSTM hasn't announced its next dividend date yet, however if we take into account its recent dividend frequency, it is likely that its next dividend will be in August 2024.

When was HSTM's last dividend?

Healthstream's last regular dividend was on May 3, 2024 (ex-date) with the amount of $0.028 per share.

How much dividend does Healthstream pay (per share)?

HSTM has paid dividend of $0.11 per share in the last year.

What is Healthstream's dividend yield?

Healthstream's current dividend yield is 0.39%.

How often does Healthstream pay dividends?

Healthstream has a quarterly dividend frequency.

What is Healthstream's dividend payout ratio?

Healthstream's dividend payout ratio is 18.3%.

Does Healthstream pay a good dividend?

Healthstream's dividend yield is less than the Healthcare sector average.