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WW Ww International PE ratio, current and historical analysis

The current PE ratio of WW cannot be calculated, as the latest EPS of -$4.33 is negative. Ww International's last PE ratio on record was 7.48 in July 2022.

WW PE ratio history

How has WW's PE ratio performed in the past

The mean historical PE ratio of Ww International over the last ten years is 17.91. Looking back at the last ten years, WW's PE ratio peaked in the Jul 2021 quarter at 42.74, with a price of $36.76 and an EPS of $0.86. The Jul 2015 quarter marked the lowest point at 3.59, with a price of $4.09 and an EPS of $1.14.


Ww International PE ratio by year

Maximum annual increase: 293.33% in 2016

Maximum annual decrease: -73.47% in 2016

Year PE ratio Change
2023 N/A N/A
2022 N/A N/A
2022 16.8 -23.57%
2021 21.98 4.02%
2019 21.13 72.91%
2018 12.22 -29.89%
2017 17.43 61.39%
2016 10.8 -73.47%
2016 40.71 293.33%
2015 10.35 14.24%

WW average PE ratio chart

What is the average PE ratio of WW for the past years
3-year avg
5-year avg
10-year avg
15-year avg

Frequently asked questions

What is Ww International's PE ratio?

The current price to earnings ratio of WW cannot be determined, as its EPS of -$4.33 is negative.

What is the 5-year average PE ratio for Ww International (WW)?

As an average over the last 5 years, WW stock has a PE ratio of 20.04.

What is the highest PE ratio for WW?

Over the last ten years, the Jul 2021 quarter recorded the highest quarterly PE ratio at 42.74.

All PE ratio stats are based on quarterly TTM periods, unless otherwise specified.